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Welcome to GygrGas.com

Our mission at Gygr-Gas Metered Service is to provide a safe, dependable, and economical Metered Propane Gas Service to all of our service area. Our service area contains 42 counties in Mid-Missouri and includes the cities of Columbia, Boonville, Desoto, Moberly, Versailles, and Mexico.


Our metered system provides a hassle-free, convenient way to buy propane. Using your meter reading, you pay once a month, only for the gas youíve used. Your meter readings will help you keep track of how much gas youíre using each month so you can plan your budget ahead of time.

Your monthly meter reading helps us keep track of your gas usage. We fill your tank regularly using a computerized delivery route system based on your meter readings. It is our responsibility to keep your tank full. You don't need to call ahead to schedule gas deliveries. We provide the tank, meter, and regulator. Our installations are performed by our certified personnel with hi-tech equipment that ensures your safety. Maintenance on our system is our responsibility, not yours. Any gas lost as a result of a leak on our system is replaced at our cost.

Metered Service is your best value for energy.

Metered Service eliminates the strain on the budget because you don't have to put out a large amount of cash for a future supply of gas. You are sure to get all of the gas you pay for with honest, accurate metered service. You pay for the gas after you use it as you read your own meter each month.

Because of our computer network, we anticipate your needs and keep your tank full. You pay no more big lump sum payments on delivery. Gas deliveries are computer scheduled, utilizing our modern well-maintained equipment and trained personnel to assure you an adequate, dependable gas supply.

Every month you read your meter and compute your bill using your "Self-Billing" book and rate chart. Mail your "Meter Slip" along with your payment to Gygr-Gas Metered Service. This makes your gas easy to budget; and remember, you are paying for your gas after you have used it. 


Gygr-Gas Metered Service installations are done with modern equipment by skilled, trained, and experienced personnel, insuring a speedy, safe, problem free installation.

Our installation includes the tank (set on blocks and filled with gas), the regulator, downpipe, meter and buried gas line to your home. We also perform a leak check on the entire system and your appliances. We maintain the tank, regulator, meter and fittings.


We offer different billing options for our customers. 

Level Pay
After one year of service, we offer our level pay billing option. Based on your previous year's usage, we calculate 12 level monthly bills. You read the meter each month and pay your level amount.

Every year in August, we offer our customers the option of pre-paying their gas bills at a fixed rete for the coming heating season. The pre-pay amount is based on your previous year's usage and acts as a credit on your account which is deducted from each month based on your meter reading.
About our meters
Our meters measure in gallons and are easy to read. Using a Monthly Self-Billing Book you read the meter each month, then subtract last monthís reading from the current reading, giving you gallons used. Read the amount due from the supplied rate chart, write a check and mail it in. This takes only 15 minutes once each month.

meter dial graphic

Your Gygr-Gas meter is designed for easy reading. It is digital, just like the trip mileage meter on an automobile speedometer. 

The meter actually measures gas in cubic feet but the dial serves as a computer to change cubic feet to gallons. 

You get full measure 36.2 cubic feet of GYGR-GAS to every gallon.